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Spreadsheet Server for use with Lawson

Healthcare Analytics made intuitive with Spreadsheet Server for use with Lawson

Healthcare Analytics made intuitive w/ Spreadsheet Server for use with Lawson

Healthcare Analytics can be time consuming as well as cumbersome using traditional reporting systems.  Bethany White, Senior Analyst-Financial Reporting, discusses how Spreadsheet Server has completely transformed the reporting and analytics process for The MetroHealth System.

She explains how the reporting process prior to Spreadsheet Server was klunky and took many hours.  After implementing Spreadsheet Server, they have been able to combine multiple reports into a single report, thus saving tons of time.

Using their Summary accounts from their Income Statements, they are able to run specific financial statements by line items and  how data from specific departments.  Historically they would have to run numerous reports and combine them to accomplish the same thing.  The parameters from Spreadsheet Server have enabled them to do all this from within one spreadsheet.

Leveraging QueryDesigner, they have been able to combine AM, AP, and PO tables into one report to show outstanding balances, what has been paid already, etc.Spreadsheet Server has allowed them to completely streamline their process for creating Board Packet Materials.  At one point, they had an excel file with 15-20 tabs manually linking different cells.  Every time there was an update in Lawson, they had to manually re-link everything.  With the Formula-Driven Methodology of Spreadsheet Server, they are now able to simply change parameters inside the spreadsheet itself when there is a request to change the report format. Spreadsheet Server is able to query their groupings allowing them to make customized Income Statements, Balance Sheets, Net Patient Revenue, etc. for various departments.  This has shaved days off of the prior reporting process.  All of the manual linking and entry has been eliminated.  Overall, Spreadsheet Server has cut the time it takes to run reports in half!