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Oracle Report Builder Alternative - Universal Fibers Saves Hours With Spreadsheet Server

John Rose, Financial Analyst for Universal Fibers in Bristol, VA, discusses how Spreadsheet Server has become their alternative to Oracle Report Builder while saving them hours of work. With Spreadsheet Server his organization can look into whatever problem areas they have in a more timely fashion.  They used to send out reports at the end of the month, which did them no good for the prior month.  Now, with Spreadsheet Server, they are able to get the reports out to their business units every Monday morning.

One process that used to take 4 hours using the Reports builder within Oracle now takes 15 minutes with Spreadsheet Server.  Global Software, Inc.’s Spreadsheet Automation Suite completely automates the process of retrieving, reporting, and distributing Oracle data throughout the enterprise.


I use Spreadsheet Server to pull information from accounts in our General Ledger so I can do some I can do analysis on any account we have…mostly expense accounts so we can see how we are spending our money and how it compares to our budget.

I think when each department supervisor gets to look at the reports on a weekly basis, it lets them look into whatever problem areas they have in a quicker time frame.  They were usually getting reports at the end of the month, which did them no good for the prior month.  When they are getting the reports every Monday morning, it helps them look into what areas they have problems with.  They can make some decisions and change. If repairs are going to be more expensive the first week, they can look into that in a timely fashion and they can do it faster.

We compare to budget and we compare to last month.  That way we can pick out which expenses are growing and whether variances are favorable or unfavorable.  I look into the variances and then I can give a list of those accounts to whichever supervisor is in charge of that department.  That way, they only have 1 or 2 accounts to look into rather than you giving them the total report at one time where they don’t know what they are looking at.  It helps them to quickly respond if they have an issue in their department.  Another report I do is monthly on how the direct cost was for the whole company.

I actually do a report right now that calculates the direct expense that we spend for one of our companies.  The person who was doing that report before me did that report by hand.  She had to look up all the accounts out of the GL manually.  It would take her about 4 hours to put together the report.  With Spreadsheet Server, I am able to do the same report in about 15 minutes.  Spreadsheet Server saves a tremendous amount of time.  Supervisors in each department can see how they are doing against budget.  That report is done every week.  It is about the same amount of time savings.  You can do that report in about 10 or 15 minutes for all the departments.  That would have taken all day before.

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Spreadsheet Server automates the entire process of ERP Reporting.  While there are many ERP Reporting Software options, Spreadsheet Server allows the flexibility of being able to connect and report on any ERP system that allows an ODBC connection.  It is even capable of pulling data from multiple data sources and consolidating that data into one report.