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Spreadsheet Server - Viewpoint Reporting Software

Viewpoint Reporting Software - Spreadsheet Server Automates The Process of Generating ERP Reports

Viewpoint Reporting Software - Spreadsheet Server Automates The Process of Generating ERP Reports

Jim Hutcheson, Systems Manager from Metromont Corporation in Greenville, SC discusses how Spreadsheet Server has helped automate their Viewpoint Reports.  Spreadsheet Server now handles the majority of Metromont’s Viewpoint Reporting saving them time, money, and resources.

What used to take hours in Viewpoint now takes minutes with Spreadsheet Server.  Global Software, Inc.’s Spreadsheet Automation Suite completely automates the process of retrieving, reporting, and distributing ERP data throughout the enterprise.


Currently the information from the General Ledger comes out and goes into another module that they call their financial manager.  There’s a process each night of transferring that information, and our users would then look for information out of that module.  It would be time consuming. If there were changes in the General Ledger, we would have to re-extract that information into the financial manager and that could take 30 minutes itself.  Then people would get another set of reports.

With Spreadsheet Server, the information comes right out of the ERP.  They use an Excel Spreadsheet, which they are very familiar with.  They love Excel.  They don’t have to learn some other cryptic ERP program and sign into that.  They just go into a program they are real comfortable with….Excel, and they open it up.  They are able to drill right into the information inside the ERP.  If there’s a change in the General Ledger, they just refresh the spreadsheet and they have the latest information.

With Distribution Manager we have 5 remote divisions that operate from Bartow, FL, Richmond, VA, Charlotte, NC, Hiram, GA, so each of those locations run it as a division.  Even though in our ERP we don’t have a division designation, we’re able to use Spreadsheet Server and automate the process so that we can send an email to each General Manager within the division.  You go into a separate sheet within the Excel spreadsheet and set up:  

• This is person I want to email it to

• This is the information

• These are the departments I want to include

Then you press the button.  It starts setting up the email and sends them all out.  You’ve got a great record of what you’ve sent.  They get it in an email format which they are really comfortable with.  Then they are able to open up the Excel spreadsheet and take over from there.  They don’t have to call corporate, play phone tag, that type of issues that we had before with a manual distribution and running the Xerox machine like crazy!

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Spreadsheet Server automates the entire process of Viewpoint Reporting.  While there are many Viewpoint Reporting Software options, Spreadsheet Server allows the flexibility of being able to connect to any ERP system that allows an ODBC connection.  It is even capable of pulling data from multiple sources and consolidating that data into one report.