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Aim For High Viewpoint Report Goals With Spreadsheet Server

Aim For High Viewpoint Report Goals With Spreadsheet Server

Inefficient reporting cycles can be a significant stumbling block for any organization. If you have been looking for a solution to eliminate exporting/importing to the Financial Manager database, and manual, error-prone, static spreadsheets, we have great news!

Spreadsheet Server, the ultimate Viewpoint Reporting Tool, is a Microsoft® add-in that provides live and dynamic access to your Viewpoint environment- via Excel. No data export/import, no staging areas, no data cubes, no additional hardware requirements, no strings attached. Spreadsheet Server can even combine data sets from the Viewpoint system with other database systems to create dashboards.

  • Spreadsheet Server provides REAL drill-down, (Not hide/show or group/ungroup like Financial Manager), from the Viewpoint General Ledger to Invoices in Accounts Payables.
  • Within Excel, user has the ability to see the invoice image.
  • Viewpoint users have access to query across any module, such as Project Management, Equipment, Job Billing, Job Costing in fast, intuitive formats right from within Excel.

Watch this webinar right now - on demand - and hear how a former Viewpoint customer, Jim "Hutch" Hutcheson, was able to start in Excel and stay in Excel with Spreadsheet Server...

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