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Goodbyes are never easy...Overcome the FRx Blues!

Goodbyes are never easy...Overcome the FRx Blues!

Familiarity can be a hard thing to turn away from…FRx is a few short months away from being unsupported. Spreadsheet Server eliminates the time-consuming process of recreating old FRx reports, educating end users on new software, and the complexity of adoption.

Spreadsheet Server is the market leader in FRx replacement. Providing live reporting and analysis from multiple ERP systems into Excel, users are empowered to work in a more comfortable environment.  Spreadsheet Server leverages existing reports built with FRx, recognizes existing tree structures and eliminates the monotony of downloads.

In this webinar we will cover the benefits of using Spreadsheet Server as an FRx alternative, such as:

  • Live and dynamic access - to your ERP data all from inside the familiar confines of Microsoft Excel.
  • No need for an FRx expert- Excel users are empowered to quickly deploy Spreadsheet Server. No proprietary interfaces to learn and FRx subject matter bottlenecks are eliminated!
  • Drill down to any detail- all from within Microsoft Excel for current month data or any other parameter.
  • Convert and leverage existing reporting tree structures- eliminating the need to re-create the tree structures from scratch when switching from FRx to Spreadsheet Server.
  • No need to manually export data- from your ERP system to an external database for reporting.
  • QueryDesigner- Query data from multiple ERPs or databases all from within one Excel spreadsheet.
  • Enhance flexibility and simplify report maintenance- by reading GL hierarchy definitions in Excel
  • Automatic Distribution of Reports- Automate the process of distributing the right report, to the right person, at the right time. Reports can be distributed in .xls, .html, .docx, or .pdf formats.

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