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Leverage Spreadsheet Server With Your Existing BI Tool

Leverage Spreadsheet Server With Your Existing BI Tool

Have a BI solution, such as OBIEE, but still need to address ad hoc reporting needs, real-time analysis and daily operational reporting? Are you manually editing summarized reports or bouncing back and forth between Oracle and BI to get the answer? Would you like to learn how organizations, such as Nanometrics Incorporated have saved over 160 hours per year on reporting tasks?

Bridge your BI gap by leveraging skills and technologies you already own! Spreadsheet Server….don’t let the name fool you….there is no server involved! Just serving dynamic data to spreadsheets all through a Microsoft Excel-based add-in!

Combine Microsoft Excel, Oracle and Spreadsheet Server and your BI gap is filled!

If you’d love to start in Excel and stay in Excel - register for our live webcast and be part of the movement – the Excel Automation Movement.

In this session you will learn how Spreadsheet Server:

  • Enables world-class organizations to have automated financial & operation report creation and distribution
  • Connects to Oracle and non-Oracle data sources, whether legacy system, a BI warehouse or any ERP system on a relational database
  • Has the ability to drill down on a balance to journal level details and supporting documentation
  • Installs in minutes and in hours users are building their own reports and IT resources can be shifted back to other initiatives!

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