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Optimize your GlobalEdge Investment with Dynamic Reporting in Excel

Optimize your GlobalEdge Investment with Dynamic Reporting in Excel

It's time to remove the manual data downloads and cut out the inefficiencies of data manipulation to your financial reports! Learn how other Davisware organizations seamlessly access real-time reporting data within the familiar confines of Excel with drill-down capabilities.

Spreadsheet Server is an Excel-based financial reporting platform that empowers end users to create and run the reports they need without requiring IT. Discover the intuitiveness of creating financial statements or operational reports such as Open Service Order Status and Service Order History report.

In this session you will learn how Spreadsheet Server:

  • Empowers organizations' with automated financial and operational analysis
  • Has the ability to integrate data from multiple systems
  • Provides powerful drill-down capability to sub ledger details
  • Installs in minutes and in less than a day, users are building their own reports

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