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Sports Management Reporting Getting Cheers by Excel Users

Sports Management Reporting Getting Cheers by Excel Users

Are you manually editing static reports? Do you have difficulty accessing data from your ERP?

Is 2016 the year your organization is looking to hit your reporting out of the park?

If you’re in the sports and recreation industry and love to start in Excel and stay in Excel - register for this live webinar. You’ll learn how Spreadsheet Server allows your organization to access live data in Excel with full drill down capability and one-click report distribution.

We’ll dive specifically into how our major league customers, such as the Charlotte Hornets, have used Spreadsheet Server to automate their monthly P&L for merchandise sales.

In this session you will learn how Spreadsheet Server:

  • Empowers sporting organizations' analytics with automated financial analysis in areas such as league reporting analytics, analyzing sales and player performance – with live data in Excel.
  • Integrates with multiple data systems such as Microsoft GP/NAV/SL, Sage, JD Edwards, SAP, and many more!
  • Provides powerful drill down capability to sub ledger details – even to invoice images, for example.
  • Installs in minutes and in less than a day, users are building their own reports and IT gets back to their projects!

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