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Spreadsheet Writeback Loads Data Back To Oracle With Ease

Spreadsheet Writeback Loads Data Back To Oracle With Ease

As a valued Global customer, let us help you continue the reporting cycle by introducing Spreadsheet Writeback.

Spreadsheet Writeback for use with Oracle provides you with the interface and tools to enable writing data from Microsoft Excel workbooks utilizing Oracle EBS, Public, Private and Custom APIs and open interface tables, as well as any other relational database tables. Batch upload with custom or preconfigured templates within Excel.

Data may be written back to any table that has write privileges. You can create, delete, or modify one or more setups on each worksheet.

In this session we will cover:

  • Data entry, data updating, and reporting utilizing Microsoft Excel Automation
  • Leveraging Oracle EBS public APIs and open interfaces with no programming
  • How Spreadsheet Writeback complements Spreadsheet Server and Enterprise Budgeting

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