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Spreadsheets that sparkle! Ben Bridge Jeweler, Inc. enhances JD Edwards reporting capability!

Spreadsheets that sparkle! Ben Bridge Jeweler, Inc. enhances JD Edwards reporting capability!

Gain the freedom in Excel to customize your reports with limited reliance on IT!

Learn how Camber Grant, Merchandise Planner at Ben Bridge Jeweler, Inc. enhanced the organization’s ability to report at a more granular level and on a more frequent basis by adopting an intuitive Excel-based reporting platform. This platform allows for dynamic, customizable spreadsheets and an automated report delivery system.

A monthly Vendor Stock Status Report was once distributed to 8 vendors, taking 3 days with significant IT intervention required. Today, with Spreadsheet Server, the end users have increased analysis to 50 vendors with a 15 minute turnaround time! Another critical benefit since the adoption of Spreadsheet Server is the ability to run multiple reports in one spreadsheet for targeted data retrieval.

Spreadsheet Server is empowering end users to create their own reports in the familiar confines of Excel, and eliminating the excessive hours and wasted resources spent on manual reporting tasks.

In this session we will show how Spreadsheet Server offers:

  • Thousands of JD Edwards users leverage Spreadsheet Server as their preferred Excel-based financial & operational report creation and distribution platform
  • Powerful drill capability
  • Ability to leverage existing JD Edwards reports in Excel and eliminate re-keying, downloading and exporting data
  • Automatic blending of JD Edwards data with data from multiple data sources across a variety of ERP Platforms (SAP, Oracle, Microsoft etc.) into one Excel file
  • Q-Start Install - users up and running in minutes

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