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Stop Burning Energy With Your Static Reports

Stop Burning Energy With Your Static Reports

Do you have 100+ tab static reporting worksheets?! Attend our complimentary webinar to learn how our valued customer, Precision Drilling, was able to consolidate their data into a one tab worksheet with Excel-based Reporting!

In this session, Precision Drilling will share how they addressed the challenge of manual, error-prone, static spreadsheets by implementing a reporting solution that leverages the tactical ad hoc reporting capabilities of Microsoft Excel. With this approach, Precision Drilling was able to complete a reporting task that used to take 5 hours in 5 minutes! In addition, they were able to consolidate information from a 100+ tab, 7 file workbook into one single tab and reduce the amount of time spent on month-end reporting.

Join our session to learn how to optimize your reporting by:

  • Accessing live ERP data within the confines of Excel
  • Significantly decreasing the time it takes to prepare weekly, monthly, and quarterly financial reporting/reconciliations
  • Enhancing operational reporting processes — including repair and maintenance for RIG, overhead reports, flash reports, and more

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