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Making Technology Part of the Team

Over the past few decades, technology has advanced by leaps and bounds, altering how we live and work.

What CFOs Need to Know About Financial Reporting

Despite recent advances in automated financial reporting tools, many CFOs still rely heavily on static spreadsheets for producing financial statements.

Five Ways to Accelerate the Financial Close

Never has so much pressure fallen on the shoulders of finance to be timely and credible with the reporting of financial results.

Creating the Ultimate Excel-based SAP Reporting Platform with Spreadsheet Server

Every day, enterprises generate enormous amounts of data from interconnected systems, and mobile devices.

The One Stop Shop for Sound Excel Reporting & Automation

A challenge for Oracle E-business suite users is the time consuming and tedious process of retrieving information from their ERP system for reporting and analysis. 

How can CFOs turn spreadsheets from a budgeting tool into a budgeting application?

More than three decades after their introduction, the popularity of spreadsheets shows no sign of abating. 

Why Spreadsheets are filling the Reporting Gap

Spreadsheets often suffer a bad press at the hands of the Business Intelligence software industry and other business stakeholders (auditors, regulators) who favour limiting their use or displacing them from core financial management applications.